About Bullseye Protective Services

Bullseye Protective Services, LLC (B.P.S) was established in 1997 to provide consultation, training and personal protection for merchants, celebrities, corporate executives and their families. We have since then, expanded our expertise and currently offer Investigative services and surveillance systems sales and installation. According to the latest FBI Crime Statistics, a violent crime occurs approximately every twenty-two seconds, an aggravated assault every twenty-nine seconds, a forcible rape every five minutes and an abduction approximately every forty seconds. There has NEVER been a better time to contact BPS for our services and your peace of mind. CALL US FOR CONSULTATION!

Qualifications of our associates:

- In Business Over 10 Years!
- Specializing in Process Service, Skip Tracing, Infidelity Tracking & Executive Protection
- State Licensed by the Georgia Board of Private Detectives & Security Agency. ( GAPPI Member )
- P.O.S.T certified Basic Peace Officers. (Currently employed & Retired Law Enforcement Officers)
- Court Appointed Process Servers. ( GAPPS, NAPPS & IPSA Member )
- Investigative Surveillance Operatives.
- Data Retrieval Specialist.
- Graduates of various Executive Protection Institutes throughout the region such as EPI and APT.
- Certified P.P.S (Personal Protection Specialist). - Members of the Nine Lives Associates
- 15+ yrs Martial Arts experience.
- Electronic Engineering Technicians specializing in Surveillance/Security systems.
- Former Certified NRA firearms Instructors.

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