BPS offers a number of Investigative Services ranging from surveillance to background checks with total discreetness and anonymity. Whether you suspect a cheating spouse or need to know the background of a future employee or business partner, BPS can assist you in your quest for the truth.

- Surveillance & Investigative Operations
- Pre-Marital Investigation (DL research, lifestyle.....etc.)
- Infidelity / Adultery Tracking
- Computer & Cell Phone Forensics ( email, IM, Chat, text, websites...etc)
- Skip Tracing / Locates
- Asset Investigation / Judgment Recovery consultation
- Worker's Compensation Fraud
- Witness Interviewing
- Countermeasures Sweep (Bug, RF and Video Camera Detection)
- Court Filing
- National Archive & Court House Research
- Due Diligence Searches
- Courier Service
- Insurance fraud
- Pre-Litigation Investigation

Background investigation

- Criminal History Search
- Civil Case File Search
- Driving Record Search
- Education or Credential Verification
- Employee Checks / Verification
- Workers Compensation Search
- Genealogy
- Reference Checking

Executive Protection / Security Guard Services

BPS provides personal protection for celebrities, corporate executives, merchants and their families. Since the September 11th terrorist attacks, demands for personal protection service have increased dramatically. Our experienced and highly skilled protection specialists develop, implement and manage comprehensive programs to address your individual and or organizations specific security needs. The BPS protection staff is comprised of both male and female protection specialist, and our services go far beyond the typical bodyguard services you might expect.

We have both armed and unarmed specialist that provide safety and peace of mind for our clients and their families. Our protection specialist are selected from elite military units, law enforcement and executive protection schools. We provide security at home, during travel, on location or during special events and can serve as drivers or provide escort vehicles. Training for your current security personnel in firearms, self defense and risk awareness is also available.

Our Security Guard services are provided with the same professionalism and attention to detail as our Executive Protection services. We can provide security for local businesses, parties, funerals, and other various social engagements. Our Guards are screened, background checked, and mentally and physically assessed to insure that our client is provided with the highest quality, performance and stability available.

K9 and Bomb detection dogs are available upon request for high risk clientele.

- CEO's and key executives - Human resources and other at-risk personnel
- Family members
- Celebrities
- Professional Athletes
- Music Industry
- Film Industry

Self-Defense Instruction: "R.U.F.F" Self Defense For The Real World!

Contrary to popular belief, self defense is not just about learning fighting techniques. It begins with the development of a positive and confident mindset and adhering to a few simple precautions. B.P.S. offers both the mental and physical approach to self-defense. R.U.F.F (Reactionary, Unarmed, Freestyle Fighting) is an intensive system of defense & offense that teaches it participants to effectively and swiftly incapacitate an attacker. The #1 rule of R.U.F.F is that there are no rules, you learn to fight back, pure and simple! Without forms (katas), traditions or etiquette R.U.F.F. is easy to learn and highly retainable.

Instruction is taught on an individual basis to avoid feelings of embarrassment and awkwardness and to gain confidence quickly and steadily. R.U.F.F deals with both the emotional and physical science of fighting off an attacker. Through real life scenarios and simulated attacks participants are taught to respond to verbal as well as physical assaults. R.U.F.F will teach you how to:

- Demonstrate simple, effective, self-defense skills.
- Possess the mindset to assess danger, set boundaries and respond effectively to verbal and physical attacks.
- Know and realize your own strength and power and understand how your emotions and mind state can help you to become stronger and less fearful of your surroundings.

Firearm Training: BPS Basic Pistol Shooting Orientation

Course Goal: To provide beginning shooters with an introduction to the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and operating a specific pistol safely.

- Learn the Basics of Pistol Shooting
- Pistol Parts and Operation
- Firearm safety and much, much more!

Security/Surveillance system sales and Installation

- Call for consultation, as systems are custom built & designed to fit the needs of our clients.
- Packages Starting at $1500 Installed with Financing Available!
- Commercial, Industrial, & Residential Installations

Process & Messenger Service

Our courteous. knowledgeable and professional representatives are available for all of your service of process & messenger needs. We deliver fast, accurate, uncompromising results throughout the Metro Atlanta area including Fulton, Cobb, Dekalb, Henry, Fayette, Clayton, Rockdale, Spalding, Butts, Newton and surrounding counties.

- summons
- complaints
- subpoenas
- writs
- demand letters
- other court documents

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